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Where I Stand

Freedom of Speech is the hallmark of every democratic society and the suppression of speech is a cornerstone of all totalitarian regimes. Our freedom of speech is under attack in this state and country. If they are able to silence our voice they silence our votes.

We need to ensure that we have a system of voting that people have confidence in. People need to know that their vote counts.

Individual rights have been trampled on lately.  Many of the infringements on our liberties over the last couple of years have come at the hands of a single office.  EXECUTIVE.  No one person, Republican or Democrat, should have that much power.  No single individual should be able to rule your life or take away your livelihood with a stroke of a pen.

Our children should have the option to attend the best schools possible for them. We need to give them the best start available.  Schools should be places to instruct not indoctrinate.

More options should be available for higher education.  Grants and scholarships should be available to young people who are more interested in the trades rather than a traditional 4 year degree. And the degrees offered at colleges should be designed to help the student succeed in the future, not just collect tuition.  I have worked in the restaurant industry with many people who had degrees that were of no use.  East European Art History, Basket Weaving...etc.

For adults, I do not believe that we should just continue to give them hand-outs without offering them a hand up.  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We need to make Colorado affordable again.  Making government more efficient will produce lower taxes. The lower and middle classes are hurt the most by inflation and high taxes.

We need to reinvest in our police officers to make Colorado safe again.  Crime is at an all-time high due to ridiculous regulations and reallocation of funds.  If you are being attacked or robbed, you want a well-trained police officer to show up not a social worker.

We need to continue to produce clean affordable energy while protecting our environment.  We need to look at new ways of producing that energy.  And we need to support our energy, agriculture and ranching industries. Without them we would be sitting in the dark and starving to death.

Again, I am not a politician.  But I have been listening to these growing concerns over the past few years and finally decided that I could no longer be silent.

I hope that you will allow me to be your voice in the State Legislature.

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